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Why Hire a Professional DJ?

Why Hire a Professional DJ?

As a professional MC and DJ, Blake Belcher has spent many hours planning for countless weddings, private parties, corporate events, fundraisers, and more. He not only brings the music and entertainment, but provides the vibe and acts as the very heart and soul of every event. Belcher’s extensive experience in the industry has made him a popular and well-known entertainer in the Niagara Region and beyond.

This experience made him the first phone call the staff at the Casablanca Inn thought of when the unthinkable happened to a bride and groom this month. On the very evening of their wedding, it became clear that the DJ they had hired for their special day wasn’t coming. Instead of leaving the wedding music-less, the staff at the Inn contacted Belcher who has hosted many weddings and other events at their facility. In less than two hours, Belcher was completely set up at the Casablanca Inn and was ready to start entertaining the wedding’s crowd.

While many guests approached him throughout the night to exclaim how appreciative they were for his quick work and for helping to make the day a special one for the bride and groom, Belcher’s focus was on two things. The first, ensuring that the bride and groom remembered the day fondly in the years to come, a feat that he certainly achieved; the second, to remind everyone why it is so important to hire a professional DJ for their events, ensuring that incidents like this don’t happen.

While many may assume that they can cut corners when it comes to their entertainment for their event, that simply cannot be the case. By cutting corners you oftentimes lose the integrity that comes with hiring a professional. There are six reasons why we suggest hiring a professional DJ for your next event (and all of the events that come after that): experience, memories, reliability, equipment, professionalism, and music variety/selection.

Experience is number one on our list because when it comes to a big day, such as your wedding, do you want someone who knows how to work an iPod or someone who knows how to run a sound system and will ensure that not only is your music played at the right time, but also that everyone in the room can hear the speeches? Professional DJs know what event organizers want and how to achieve the best end result. They know how to work their equipment, interact with guests, and feel the energy in the crowd. Belcher even stated that he oftentimes circulates around the room during dinner at large events and will collect music suggestions from the guests. A professional DJ’s skills and unique touch, ensure that not only the event organizers are satisfied but that all guests leave knowing that they have had an incredible time.

Memories are always front of mind for event organizers, as they always want their guests to leave, fondly remembering the event. A professional DJ knows this and ensures that all guests will leave your event with smiles on their faces. From keeping the dance floor busy, to playing the perfect song at the right moment, the right DJ will make your event one that no one will be able to forget.

Reliability is obviously the key to this article. While this may not be the case with all amateur DJs, not everyone is reliable. For professional DJs, your event is their job. They know how to be professional (which we’ll touch on soon), and understand that they need to be punctual and come with all of the equipment that your event requires.

Equipment is something we’ve already briefly touched on, but professional DJs won’t arrive at your event with an iPod. These DJs take pride in their businesses and will have excellent equipment to ensure top-notch sound quality throughout the event. Belcher even just upgraded his sound system, giving him some of the best equipment currently on the market, and ensuring all of his future clients are blown away with the sound quality he is able to produce.

Professionalism seems like an obvious one since we’re talking about professional DJs, but is an important point nonetheless. Have you ever been to a wedding where the bride is upset because a song she didn’t want to hear is being played? That won’t happen with a professional DJ. For example, Belcher will spend an average of 18-24 hours on each event; this time includes meeting with clients in advance, planning and preparing for the event, and arriving 2 hours in advance of the event to ensure he is set-up and ready when guests arrive. When he meets with his clients, Belcher not only discusses event specifics, he also collects as much information as possible prior to the event (i.e. event guidelines, themes, etc.), so he can better match the desired event experience. Additionally, Belcher, like other professional DJs, will dress for the event, sometimes that will be more casual, but for weddings and other upscale events, professional DJs will ensure that they dress to match.

Finally, music variety/selection is essential at all events with a DJ. Whether you want to hear classic oldies, today’s hottest tune, or a cheesy theme song from the ‘80s, your professional DJ will have you covered. Their libraries are far greater than anything you could even imagine, and if there’s something you don’t think they’ll have, if you ask prior to the event, they will have it come event day.

While we understand the desire to save money when you’re planning these big events, we also know that the stress that can come from hiring an amateur DJ simply isn’t worth it. Professional DJs may seems more expensive when you are collecting quotes for the entertainment portion of your event, but these individuals are dedicated and want to reinvest in their business quality and growth.

Don’t get us wrong, most professional DJs once were fledgling amateur DJs themselves! Belcher admits that he definitely began as an amateur, but it is how they meet each of the aforementioned six criteria that will help you to determine if they are professional enough to meet and handle your event needs. A professional DJ’s number one priority is their client and ensuring the event is a success, and, since that’s your priority as the event organizer too, your values seem to be perfectly aligned for a partnership. And let’s be honest, when all of these qualities are met, your investment is completely worthwhile and your DJ’s professionalism is priceless.


September 23rd, 2016

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