Oh the Places I have Seen

Oh the Places I have Seen

Last week I told you about the people that have impacted my first 10 years with By Request Entertainment and have ensured each and every event has been an adventure! But did you know that there were specific places that stand out for me too?

I could talk about all of the weddings, special events, and corporate parties that I’ve been involved with at the incredible venues in the Niagara Region – from wineries to banquet halls to restaurants and beyond, but two very distinct events stand out, partly because of their location and partly because of the stories that were born from the events.

The first was a wedding held in Bobcaygeon. For anyone who has ever visited, you would know that the weather patterns in Bobcaygeon change on a dime – the ultimate challenge when the event you’re attending is an outdoor wedding! During the day, the weather went from beautiful sunshine to torrential downpours and back again. While this could have ruined any bride and groom’s perfect day, the guests at this wedding simply wouldn’t let that happen!

Together, we kept the wedding moving in a positive direction, dancing under the big tent as the rain came down and keeping the party going long into the night! From groomsmen ushering guests back and forth from one tent to the other with umbrellas to the bond that was created simply because we were altogether under one tent, this wedding has always stuck out as one of the most memorable I have had the opportunity to provide the entertainment for!

The second was another wedding in Muskoka. Outdoor weddings in Muskoka are always gorgeous, but this one, well it was unique to say the least! It was the first (and only) wedding where I watched the bride and groom arrive in a float plane, and the crowd, well let’s just say that the crowd was full of my kind of people!

What do I mean by that? Well before the wedding, I met with the couple, as I always do, and learned the kind of music they wanted to hear throughout their special day. I was prepared when the day rolled around, but, like I often do, I thought I should chat with the other guests to get a feel for the crowd. And, like always, I learned something new – this crowd was full of “metal heads”! You might be thinking “but metal isn’t the ‘wedding’ music!” but that’s where we disagree! All music is wedding music if it matches the couple and their guests. So, for that wedding and that night, my rocker self appeared and we partied late into the night!

I love weddings, I always have. From the music to the atmosphere and the guests, these are the most special events. But sometimes, one or two simply standout thanks to incredible backdrops, stories, and events!

There have been countless other incredible and unique venues, including Casa Loma, the Storybook Gardens, art galleries, dense forests, and personal family farms. Regardless of the venue, strong communication always results in the clients’ perfect vision coming to life for a truly memorable day!


October 19th, 2016

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