Consultative Design Process


The first time you chat with Blake, he will have many questions for you. Each is designed to help him determine the specific needs of your event and to give you the floor to describe what exactly you want your guests to experience.

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Before a proposal is drawn up, Blake requests a short consultation to ensure that expectations have been communicated and so that you can get brainstorming to get the creative juices flowing. This is when the collaborative process begins as you are determining how the night will flow with Blake’s creative guidance.

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This document will outline everything. It is the proposed services, but also the full quote. Blake believes in being upfront and putting each detail on the table so that moving forward you know that he has all of your bases covered.

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After you’ve determined that Blake will be the entertainment specialist for your event, it is time to get started. Blake lays out detailed plans that are designed to cover each detail and ensure you that you will be perfectly taken care of. Blake will also provide you with a By Request Agenda Planner that will act as the mind map so that you can communicate all of your expectations and it will remind you of the details that may not have yet crossed your mind. This agenda planner will help you with determining how the feel of your event will take shape.

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Thirty days prior to your event, Blake will sit down with you to go over the final plans, assist in creating your event agenda and remind you that everything is taken care of. Remember, this is a collaborative creative process. It is your event and Blake’s job is to ensure that it is memorable and, above and beyond your wildest expectations.

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On the day of your event Blake will arrive two hours prior to your guests’ arrival. . This will allow Blake to get set-up, and to ensure that the room is ready and the atmosphere is alive as people begin to enter the event space. Blake has a lot of experience working with vendors from other facets of the entertainment industry, so sit back, relax, and let By Request Entertainment Inc. make your event the one they’ll be talking about for years to come!

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